Preparing for your Spray Tan 

  • Shower, shave and exfoliate prior to your appointment, leaving your skin free of any and all lotions, perfumes, deodorants and oils. These can act as a barrier- blocking the tan, causing uneven color and/or creating discoloration. It is extremely crucial that your skin be clean and free of any products to ensure even long lasting results!
  • All other beauty services (manicure/pedicure, blowout, waxing, facial, massages..etc) should be completed prior to your appointment to ensure optimum results. Soaking in water or scrubbing of the skin immediately after you spray tan will cause discoloration. 

    Do I have to be naked during the Spray Tan?

    • We encourage clients to wear whatever they're most comfortable in- whether it's your birthday suit, panties or swimwear. We can also provide complimentary disposable underwear.

    Appointment Duration 

    • Your appointment will take an average of 30 minutes with setup and drying time included. 
    • If you request contouring to any parts of your body please allow additional time to complete your appointment.

    Levels of Bronze

    • At the time of your appointment, a highly trained TanTalize technician will assess your skin type and tone along with your desired results before applying a custom formula tailored to complement YOU!

    Immediately following your Spray Tan 

    • Try not to touch your body! This may result in discolored palms and/or fingers especially when your tan is in it's developing stage.
    • Avoid moisture until AFTER your initial shower (length of time tbd by the TanTalize technician in conjunction with your desired results) this means no showering, working out, applying lotions, etc..

    Post Spray Tan attire

    • We recommend wearing dark, loose fitting clothing immediately following your tan. Some color may be visible on your clothing and/or sheets but will wash off completely, leaving no stains.

    Lifecycle of Tan

    • Depending upon personal upkeep, the typical TanTalize Spray Tan can extend anywhere from 6-12 days.
    • The more hydrated your skin, the longer you are able to extend your TanTalize bronze and ensure an even fade.
    • After your initial shower, it is extremely important to the longevity and overall evenness of your tan that you keep your skin VERY hydrated. We HIGHLY recommend moisturizing your skin multiple times throughout the day for the duration of your tan, this will keep your bronze bright and fresh!